Rose Colour meanings - One Year Roses

Rose Colour Meanings...

We all love giving roses as a gift but do we really know what the colours mean or represent?!
Follow our colour guide and give the ideal colour for the perfect occasion!
White Infinity Rose - Rose Colour Meaning White roses mean innocence, fresh start and new beginnings making them ideal for weddings or a new home gift!
Rose Colour Meanings - Pink Infinity Rose
Pink roses mean femininity, grace and appreciation making them ideal for birthday's or baby showers.
Rose Colour Meanings - Red One Year Rose
Red roses mean love, passion and beauty- perfect for anniversaries and Valentine's Day!
Rose Colour Meaning - Cream Infinity rose
Champagne stands for charm and thoughtfulness.
Rose Colour Meaning - Aqua Rose
Tiffany roses mean playful and youthful!
Rose Colour Meaning - Neon Pink rose
Shocking pink is bright, bold and really makes a statement!
Rose Colour Meanings - Sapphire Blue rose
Sapphire Blue stands for mystery and ambition - the perfect secret valentine!
Rose Colour Meaning - Black Infinity rose
Midnight Black is bold and chic, making it a modern choice.
Rose Colour Meaning - Purple rose
Purple Reign stands for royalty, adoration and wealth...
Rose Colour Meaning - Rainbow rose
Carnival Rainbow stands for pride and hope...
Rose Colour Meaning - rainbow rose
Pastel Rainbow is unique and youthful and perfect for if you can't decide on a colour!
Rose Colour Meaning - Green rose
Mint Green roses mean harmony and good news...
Rose Colour meaning - Gold infinity rose
Gold means ultimate luxury and extravagance!
Rose Colour Meaning - silver rose
Silver roses are sleek and show sophistication.
Rose Colour Meaning - Lilac rose
Lilac means love at first sight and enchantment - perfect for the start of a new love.
Now all that's left to do is choose which colour and meaning means the most to you!