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The Significance of Gifting Pink Roses

The Significance of Gifting Pink Roses

Flowers have long been a symbol of emotions and sentiments, with each type and colour conveying a unique message. Among these, roses stand out as the quintessential flower of love and admiration. While red roses are universally recognized for their association with deep love and passion, pink roses offer a more nuanced expression of affection, gratitude, and elegance. In this blog, we delve into the meaning of giving pink roses as a gift and explore the various occasions where they are the perfect choice.


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A Symbol of Grace and Elegance

 Pink roses are often associated with grace and elegance. Their delicate hue exudes a sense of refinement and sophistication, making them an ideal gift for someone who embodies these qualities. Whether you are acknowledging the poise of a friend, a family member, or a colleague, pink roses convey admiration for their composed and graceful nature. The softness of their petals and the gentle curves of their form reflect an innate elegance that can be found in the recipient, making them a mirror of the grace you see in them.


Conveying Gentle Love and Admiration

 Unlike the intense passion symbolized by red roses, pink roses represent a softer, more gentle expression of love. They are perfect for budding romances, where feelings are still tender and not yet fully bloomed. Giving pink roses in the early stages of a relationship is a way to express admiration and a growing affection without the intensity that red roses might imply. This makes pink roses ideal for a first date, an anniversary marking the early stages of a relationship, or simply a gesture to show you care deeply but gently.


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Appreciation and Gratitude

 Pink roses are also a beautiful way to say "thank you." Their warm and inviting colour makes them a thoughtful gift to express gratitude and appreciation. Whether you want to thank a friend for their support, a mentor for their guidance, or a loved one for their kindness, pink roses can convey your heartfelt thanks in a charming and elegant manner. The act of giving pink roses as a thank you can leave a lasting impression, as the recipient will associate your appreciation with the beauty and fragrance of the roses.


Joy and Happiness

 The cheerful colour of pink roses evokes feelings of joy and happiness. They are often used in celebrations to mark happy occasions and milestones. From birthdays and anniversaries to graduations and promotions, pink roses can add a touch of joy and festivity to any celebration. Their vibrant yet soft hue lifts spirits and brings a sense of delight to the recipient. Imagine the joy of receiving a box of pink roses on a special day, their presence alone brightening the room and enhancing the celebratory mood.


Feminine Beauty and Admiration

 Pink roses are frequently associated with feminine beauty and elegance. They can be given to celebrate the unique qualities of the women in your life, acknowledging their beauty, strength, and grace. Whether it's for a mother, sister, friend, or partner, pink roses are a lovely way to honour and appreciate the women who make your life special. The connection between pink roses and femininity also extends to celebrations like Mother's Day, International Women's Day, and other events that honour women and their contributions to our lives.


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Versatility for Any Occasion

 One of the most appealing aspects of pink roses is their versatility. They are suitable for a wide range of occasions, from romantic gestures and expressions of thanks to celebratory events and tokens of admiration. Their delicate and pleasing appearance makes them a safe yet thoughtful choice, ensuring that your gesture is well-received and appreciated. Whether you're sending flowers to a friend who needs cheering up, celebrating a job well done, or simply letting someone know you're thinking of them, pink roses are a versatile and beautiful choice.


Different Shades, Different Meanings

 Even within the spectrum of pink roses, different shades can convey slightly different meanings. Light pink roses often symbolize sweetness and innocence, making them ideal for younger recipients or to convey platonic love and admiration. These soft hues are perfect for expressing gentle sentiments without overwhelming the recipient. Dark pink roses, on the other hand, represent gratitude and appreciation, perfect for thanking someone for their kindness or for acknowledging their contributions. The richer colour can add a layer of depth to your message, making it clear that your gratitude is heartfelt and profound.


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Historical and Cultural Significance

 The symbolism of pink roses has evolved over centuries and across cultures. In Victorian times, the language of flowers, or "floriography," was a popular way to communicate sentiments that could not be spoken aloud. Pink roses, in particular, were used to express admiration and appreciation, sentiments that are still relevant today. In various cultures, pink roses also hold significance. For instance, in some Eastern cultures, pink is associated with good fortune and prosperity, making pink roses a symbol of positive energy and blessings.


Practical Tips for Gifting Pink Roses

 When gifting pink roses, consider the recipient's preferences and the context of the occasion. A single pink rose can be a subtle and intimate gesture, while a full box of roses can make a grand statement. For long-lasting enjoyment, choose high- quality infinity roses with care instructions to the recipient to help them keep the flowers vibrant for as long as possible.


Giving pink roses as a gift is a beautiful and meaningful way to express a range of emotions, from gentle love and admiration to gratitude and joy. Their elegance and versatility make them suitable for many occasions, ensuring that your gesture is always appropriate and appreciated. Whether you are celebrating a special event, expressing thanks, or simply letting someone know you care, pink roses are a timeless and charming choice that speaks volumes without saying a word. The next time you want to make a heartfelt gesture, consider the subtle yet powerful message of pink roses. Their beauty, elegance, and rich symbolism will surely touch the heart of the recipient and create a lasting memory.

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Everything you need to know about your roses

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Frequently Asked Questions about Infinity Roses

Below are some of our most frequently asked questions about infinity roses (also known as eternal roses, forever roses, one year roses and preserved roses), but please contact us for any additional questions or requests we are always happy to assist. 

How long will my order take to arrive?

Each arrangement is hand made to order. In periods of high demand we may require a day or two extra to fulfil your order which is why we quote standard delivery of 3-5 working days. However we will usually deliver within a couple of days. Express delivery options are available, please see our delivery page.

I don't need the gift until next week or the week after, when should I place my order?

We always advise ordering sooner rather than 'last minute'. Use the Specific Date option field at checkout to specify your day of delivery in advance. We will plan and make delivery to your preferred date.

Do you deliver outside of the UK?

Yes, we can deliver internationally. We use national and International couriers. Please contact us for rates not shown on our website.

Are Infinity roses real?

Yes, they are real roses. They are harvested at their prime and go through a preservation process that allows them to last for at least a year whilst still maintaining that luxurious feel you associate with fresh blooms. 

Do your Infinity roses really last a year?

Yes, provided you follow the care instructions card included in your arrangement they should certainly last a year. We have some customers who are still displaying their arrangements after 3 years. Don't worry if you loose the card, our care instruction are also available here

Can I choose my own colour combinations?

Yes, if you would like to combine two colours (or more) in a stripe, checker or random pattern please contact us and we will advise what's possible based on the arrangement of your choice. Some arrangements such as the Bloom Box have a custom option on their product page for mixing. However individual designs can also be accommodated for the classic round Hatboxes and Hearts. We occasionally produce limited editions that our designers have created which are viewable from the main menu. Please be aware that combining strong colours with lighter may after some time cause a bleeding of colours and is not advised.

Are infinity roses difficult to look after?

No, there are some simple rules to follow which are detailed on the care card included with your gift.  For your convenience you can always review the infinity rose care card instructions. But the basics are very simple

  • Do not water.
  • Do not place them in direct sunlight.
  • Avoid extreme hot or cold temperatures, high or low moisture levels.
  • Avoid handling, your roses are fragile, and are for display only.
  • Do not attempt to remove the roses from their containers.

Why do you state a range of roses in some of your arrangements rather than a specific number ?

The roses are natural and accordingly their size can vary even within their individual size classifications. Therefore we always state a range where applicable on each product page. Please be assured though that each flower box will always be full of blooms so your gift will look its best. 

How do I place my order?

The best way to place your order is on-line, we believe we are unique in the level of free personalisation we offer and therefore, phrases, spellings, names etc. can be directly transferred to avoid errors. You can also phone during working hours and we will be pleased to help you place the order online.

Can my roses go outside?

No. Infinity roses are for indoor purposes only. 

How long will my order take?

Next day delivery options are available for most designs. We quote our standard delivery as 3 - 5 working days. This allows for the curing time required for some of our acrylic arrangements, and also peak order periods. In most cases however orders are fulfilled and delivered within a couple of days. If you have a specific date requirement please call 07391490924 or specify on the notes at checkout so that we can confirm availability. 

Can I have my order delivered tomorrow?

Yes certainly. We have a next day delivery option which is subject to orders being received prior to 11am on the day of order and stock availability (combination of container option and rose colour(s)). Please select next day delivery at checkout. 

Can I get my order same day?

We know that it's not always possible to plan ahead. Each of our arrangements are unique and made to order, however should you have an urgent requirement please call 07391 490924 and we will do our utmost to assist. Please be aware however that you will probably need to collect your order, our postcode is DA5 1LG

I'm in a hurry / I'm local to your workshop, can I collect my order?

Yes. Please call 07391 490924 and we can discuss timings. Our post code for collection is DA5 1LG

    Do you provide tracking numbers?

    Yes, when your order has been fulfilled you will receive an email with the tracking reference. We use Royal Mail & Parcelforce delivery services (and their partners where destinations outside of UK are involved). For both services you should receive a text message from the courier with the planned delivery time slot.

    Can I choose a Saturday delivery?

    Yes, but please ensure you have contacted us first to arrange the delivery and you will need to place your order before midday on Thursday. Choosing next day delivery for an order on a placed on Friday is not guaranteed for Saturday delivery.

    Do you deliver Sunday?

    Not as standard. But by special arrangement we may be able to deliver to DA postcodes on a Sunday, if you require such please call to discuss.

    How much does delivery cost?

    All of our arrangements are delivered free of charge with our standard delivery option. Next Day / Saturday / Specific Date rates are shown on our checkout page or on our delivery page. Please inquire for International delivery rates not listed.

    Are your Sample Sale arrangements the same high quality as the rest of your range?

    Yes they are. The arrangements listed on our Sample Sale page are the same high quality, they have typically been used for photography on our website or are end of range or on-offs that we have developed in the workshop. With most of them you still have the opportunity to add your own personalisation . If you are not sure from the description what personalisation elements can be added please call.

    What's the difference between eternal roses, eternity roses, forever roses, one year roses and infinity roses?

    In short, there is no difference. The terms are interchangeable. You may also sometimes see infinity roses described as forever roses, which is strictly incorrect for this type of product, infinity roses are natural and will eventually start to fade although in our experience, if properly cared for this could be after 3 years or so. Forever roses should really describe the faux flowers such as those used in our Endless Love Hearts. These are made of 100's of tiny faux roses and will truly last forever.

    My purchase is a gift, will you include an invoice in my order?

    No. All arrangements are sent without any purchasing documents.

    I see there is an option for a Gift Card is this different to Personalisation?

    Yes the two are different, but both are included free of charge with your purchase. We refer to Personalisation as the message or name or phrase that you want displayed on the flower container e.g. front of the Hatbox or lid of a Make Up box. The gift tag is for your longer, personal greetings message and is attached to the gift with a ribbon or diamanté pin so that it can be read and then if required removed prior to display.

    Are all your arrangements made in and sent from the UK ?

    Yes we design and assemble all of arrangement in our own workshop based within the London area.

    How many rose colours do you have available?

    We currently stock over 15 Infinity Rose colours. The range currently includes 3 metallics, 3 rainbow mixes and 15 solid colours. The palette choice available for each arrangement is shown on the respective product page. Whilst we do our best to show the colours as accurately as possible please be aware that there could be some variation in shade either due to photographic conditions or the naturalness of the roses. If you require assistance prior to order please contact us on 07391 490924. If you require a colour or shade not shown, we can make a special order. 

    How To Care for your Infinity Roses


    Our infinity roses are real roses that have been specially treated to last longer and require no maintenance. ​However following the simple instructions below will ensure your roses retain their colour and avoid premature ageing and accordingly should last at least a year.

    • Keep them out of direct sunlight.
    • Do not subject them to excessive cold or hot temperatures.
    • Do not put anything on top of your roses, or drop them, they are as delicate as real roses.
    • Our infinity roses are presented in gorgeous hat boxes or makeup box organisers, or other containers. They are designed to remain in the box for the duration of their lifespan. Do not attempt to remove them.
    • Do not water your roses. The special preservation of your flowers means that they are automatically fed through the natural moisture in the air.
    • Do not allow contact with water. To clean gently blow any dust away.

    Infinity roses are real roses and as such will take on different characteristics during their lifespan. The first thing to note is that these roses have been stored in a cool and dark environment and have not been exposed until you remove the lid, once the lid is removed the roses will react to their new environment, their petals may open, and overtime their colour may change or fade, just like a fresh rose. It’s important not to touch the roses as they are delicate and can crack and get damaged when handled. It’s also highly important that you do not remove the roses from the hat box, the roses have been secured tightly and when removed are highly likely to get damaged.