Rose Meanings: What your rose colour choice actually means

Rose Meanings: What your rose colour choice actually means

Rose Colour Meanings - How to Choose the Perfect Rose Colour...

Infinity Roses are beautiful flowers that come in many different colours. They can symbolise love, friendship, and romance. But which colour means what? Here's how to choose the perfect Infinity rose box for any occasion.

Red Roses - Infinity Rose Heart Box

Red Roses 

Love, Passion and Desire

Red roses have been associated with love, passion and desire for centuries. In fact, red roses are one of the most popular Rose Colours we sell in our rose boxes because they are so romantic. If you're looking for a gift for an Anniversary or Valentine's Day, then red roses are sure to impress.

Pink Roses

Appreciation and Friendship

Pink roses symbolise appreciation, friendship and loyalty. They also represent femininity and gentleness. This makes them perfect for any occasion where you want to show your appreciation for the ones you care for most such as siblings or friends. Pink Roses also are a perfect colour for Birthday's or Baby Showers.


White Roses - Square Black Bloom Box

                 White Roses 

Innocence and New Beginnings

White roses symbolise innocence, a fresh start and new beginnings making them ideal for a new home gift! They also symbolise eternal loyalty which is probably why they are so popular for Weddings and unions. 


Champagne Roses

Charm and Thoughtfulness

Champagne roses symbolise charm and thoughtfulness. They are a perfect colour to give to a friend to show you are thinking of them!


Black Roses - Round White Infinity Rose Box

Black Roses

Death, Modern and Chic

Black has increased in popularity in recent years, formally associated with death black roses are now seen as bold and chic making it a modern choice.


Blue Roses

Mysterious and Unattainable

Due to the absence in nature of blue roses they are the perfect symbolism of mystery and unattainability, making it the perfect colour for a secret Valentine! Some cultures even go so far to say that the holder of a blue rose may have their wishes granted. 

 Purple Roses

Love at First Sight and Enchantment

Purple Rose Meaning - Infinity Roses in a box - Genevieve
As one of the rarest rose colours, light purple roses symbolise love at first sight and enchantment, dark purple however symbolise royalty and adoration making them a perfect choice for someone in long term relationship.

Rainbow Roses

Happiness and Joy

With the vibrant colours these show stopping roses offer, they can only mean one thing... Happiness! With a subtle pastel variety or a bright colourful rainbow they instantly bring joy and are an ideal choice for Birthday's or when you cant decide on a colour.


Green Roses

Harmony and Good News

Green roses symbolise harmony, rejuvenation and good news. They also represent nature which is perfect for spiritual people as it gives them balance and stability.


Gold Roses

Gold Roses

Celebration and Opulence

Gold roses signify ultimate opulence and glamour. These luxurious roses can also symbolise celebration and are a perfect colour to choose for a Congratulations gift.


Silver Roses

Luxury and Sophistication

Like a precious metal silver roses are rare and symbolise luxury and sophistication. It's a modern sleek colour that is an ideal match for most home decor these days.

Peach Roses

Gratitude and Admiration

Peach roses symbolise gratitude and appreciation . They are the perfect colour to choose to show gratitude and admiration and adds a subtle sweet pop of colour to any room.

Where does rose symbolism come from?

Rose symbolism can be traced back to ancient Greece, the goddess Aphrodite was said to have protected the body of Hector using the "immortal oil of the rose" and that she nursed him "among rose blossoms", which is probably why they are so strongly associated with love and passion.
The rose has also featured in many religions, countries, literature and even popular music.

So what does giving roses as a gift really mean?

Giving roses are the perfect way to say "I Love You", "Happy Birthday" or "Congratulations".

They are an ideal way to express what you are feeling even when you are unable to express it yourself. They are a beautiful token of affection for any loved one wether it be in a relationship, a friend or family member. Roses are a stunning way to celebrate the special occasions in life.

Rose colours are also have very important significance in Zodiac Signs, each colour can offer something specific to your star sign.

Our Infinity roses are available in a wide variety of different boxes so there is the perfect gift for your loved one! Just check out our Infinity Rose Boxes and see which box will be your ideal match!



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