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Silk Wedding Bouquets are the new fresh bouquets!

Silk Wedding Bouquets

Silk flowers are virtually identical to real flowers.

If you want to create an elegant, classic look with your floral bouquets you can't go wrong with silk flowers. As their name implies, these beautiful blooms are made from real flower petals and buds that have been preserved in a fabric-like material known as silk. Silk flowers are available in a variety of colours and textures and make great additions to bouquets, buttonholes and centrepieces alike! Check out our Silk Wedding Collection to find your perfect flowers.

Silk flower arrangements tend to be more durable than those made from fresh flowers for several reasons:

  • Silk flowers last longer than fresh ones—this is because they're not alive (they don't need water or sunlight).

  • They don't wilt when kept in water like fresh flowers do.

  • They come in many different shapes, sizes and colours so there's something for every occasion no matter how big or small the event may be

Silk Blush pink bridal bouquet

Silk wedding bouquets will last forever.

Silk wedding bouquets are made from organza, which is a durable material that will not wilt. Silk flowers are more durable than fresh flowers and not susceptible to pests or mould.

In addition, you can preserve your silk wedding bouquet after the big day by keeping it in one of our personalised wedding keepsake boxes or simply displayed proudly as your bouquet will look as beautiful as the first day. The possibilities are endless!

Silk flowers are more affordable than fresh.

The reason for this is simple: silk flowers are artificial, so they do not have any living elements like water or soil that must be maintained after purchase or delivered before being used in your arrangements. If you want to buy a silk bouquet from us and we can have them handmade to ordered weeks or even months before the big day waiting for you to come pick it up, and it's going to look exactly the same as if we had just made them (time does not affect their appearance). 

Flowers are a perishable item that must be purchased close to the wedding date.

Fresh flowers are perishable and must be ordered close to the wedding date. This may not be an option for some brides, since fresh flowers can be expensive, especially if you are on a budget. Also, fresh flowers may not always be available in your area at that time of year or may only be available in certain colours. If you choose to purchase fresh flowers from your florist, there is a greater chance they will get damaged while being shipped than silk or artificial flowers would have been. The weather and temperature will also affect live flower arrangements; if it is too hot or cold outside when they are delivered to your venue, they could die before the wedding even begins!

Silk wedding bouquets can be designed well in advance of the wedding.

Silk wedding bouquets can be ordered well in advance of your wedding. They are not perishable and will last for years if stored properly. You can order your flowers at months ahead of time to ensure that they will arrive on time, but this gives you plenty of time to design the bouquet as well.

Silk Wedding Flowers should be ordered in advance to ensure timely delivery and guarantee they are all ready for when needed most! If ordering silk floral bouquets  for a wedding or special occasion, we recommend ordering at least six weeks before your event date so that we have ample time to create your custom piece using only the highest quality materials possible!


Silk Ivory Buttonholes



Time and seasonal factors limit the selection of fresh flowers.

The most important factor to consider when choosing silk flowers is their availability. Just as you need to purchase your gown before the wedding date, you will also want to buy your silk flowers before the big day. Unlike fresh flowers, which can be ordered in advance, silk options are limited by time and season.

For example: If you want peonies for your bouquet but they aren't in season yet, there's no point in ordering them—you'll have nothing but dead stems on your hands come wedding day! The same goes for other types of seasonal flowers; if there isn't an option for an out-of-season flower that meets all of your needs, then it's better not to get one at all than settle for less than ideal arrangements.

There is an endless variety of silk wedding bouquets to choose from.

Although there are many different types of silk flower bouquets, the most popular ones include:

  • Silk hydrangea flowers. These look great in a loose arrangement or with other varieties of silk wedding flowers.

  • Silk peonies. Peonies are another popular choice for bridal bouquets. They can be made in blush pink.

  • Silk Roses are the most popular choices for bridal bouquets because they look gorgeous mixed together with other varieties of silk wedding flowers to create stunning arrangements and buttonholes! We have a classic Ivory bouquet or a rustic Blush Pink bouquet available with Bridesmaid Bouquet to match.

  • Artificial Eucalyptus is a perfect addition to each of our bouquets, making the arrangement look natural and also adding a pop of colour.

Silk bridal bouquets can often be matched to your exact specifications even if you have chosen a unique colour or theme for your wedding.

Silk flowers are available in a wide variety of colours. Because silk flowers are made from real fabric, they can be designed to match your wedding theme or dress. If you have chosen a vintage theme for your wedding or are wearing a modern bridal gown, silks would still be an excellent choice for your bouquet. Silk flowers also work well with any type of venue or decor as long as you choose the right colour!

Silk wedding bouquets come in all shapes and sizes for your whole bridal party; including bridesmaids and buttonholes! So whether you're looking for something simple or extravagant—no matter what style fits your personality best—there's no need to limit yourself when it comes time to choose which type of silk flower will best suit both yourself and those around you throughout this very special day we are here for any advice or queries you would have in regards to your dream bouquet!

A silk wedding bouquet is a great alternative to a fresh flower arrangement because it lasts forever and costs much less.

Silk wedding flowers are a great alternative to fresh flowers for your bouquet because they look just as real, but cost much less. Silk flowers can be designed well in advance of the wedding and can match your exact specifications even if you have chosen a unique colour or theme for your wedding.

Silk flower bouquets are virtually identical to real flower bouquets and will last forever making them a perfect memory of your most special day that will last for many years to come!


Wedding Keepsake Box and silk bouquet



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